Playing Blind
Vue d'exposition personnelle Playing Blind – Edges of Illusions, TEMI Artist Residency, Daejeon, KR

ceramic installation, 2019
Ensemble des pièces, 70x53x30(cm), 65x45x31(cm)

Playing Blind – Edges of Illusions
The exhibition < Playing Blind - Edges of Illusions> presents the imagery that stems from the artist’s personal emotions and unique mind which she felt when she came back to her hometown as a middle-aged person and looked back on the yard where she used to play as a child. This exhibition consists of works that reflect the unknown nightmare-like fear and dread from childhood, which represent the boundary between the reality and illusions that she can no longer tell whether they happened for real or not. The artist sees these with her adult point of view as a person experiencing the passing of time and life, no longer as a child.
A noteworthy point is that we still feel anxious and scared without a reason and yet still cherish our dreams (illusions) just as we used to. However, it is different in that the edges of the illusions have now become clearer than they ever were. We are now also in the progress of learning unavoidable loss of things that fade and disappear with time. Therefore, we strive to feel joy of life. To everyone, childhood days are memories, dreams. And they are an illusion and a nightmare just as much as the dreams we had as a child were. Ultimately, they are, again, yearning for life, and irreversible place and mind; they are longing for mother’s younger days and a yard that we can no longer play in, and faded hearts that can no longer be recovered.

Myung-Joo Kim
Solo Exhibition < Playing Blind - Edges of Illusions> , 2019
Art Lounge at Artist Residency TEMI, Daejeon Culture and Arts foudation